Shaping the Future of Neuromorphic Computing at the Neuronics Conference

The Neuronics Conference, held at the Hotel Valencia Oceanic in València (Spain) from 21-23 February 2024, was celebrated thanks to the collaborative efforts of the scientific organisers Juan Bisquert from Universitat Jaume I and the Institute for Advanced Materials (INAM), together with Sabina Spiga from Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Istituto per la Microelectronica e Microsistemi (IMM). They all contributed to the organisation of a highly successful event, with a distinguished line-up of speakers in the field of brain-inspired neuromorphic computing.

Designed to facilitate in-depth discussions and knowledge transfer, the conference explored the frontiers of bio-inspired ionotronics and mixed ionic-electronic photonic materials. It provided an unparalleled platform for scientific exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of the surrounding neuromorphic computing and device physics that will shape the future of artificial intelligence and computing systems.

The conference also provided a platform for young and emerging researchers to nurture their talents through dedicated sessions and interesting oral presentations aimed at fostering interdisciplinary collaboration in the scientific community.

From nanoGe we are very grateful for the feedback received, which contributed to the enrichment and success of the conference. Our sincere thanks extends to all the participants, speakers and scientific organisers, whose strong support and commitment made the Neuronics conference a great success.

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