Exploring Catalyst Design Strategies: Key Insights from the #ECAT23 Conference

The Catalyst Design Strategies for Photo- and Electrochemical Fuel Synthesis (ECAT23) Conference was held at the Keele University in the UK from December 4th to 5th, 2023.

This conference was honored to have Charles Creissen (Keele University, UK), Qian Wang (Nagoya University, Japan) and Julien Warnan (Technische Universität München, Germany) as general scientific organisers. Their contributions played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the conference and their efforts in assembling the presence of experts in the specialised field of Catalyst.

The conference navigated the frontiers of catalyst and electrochemical fuel synthesis, covering diverse topics such as heterogeneous electrocatalysts, molecular electrocatalysts, photocatalysis, CO2 conversion, water oxidation and devices.

Throughout the sessions, the conference provided a dynamic forum for in-depth discussions, acting as a nexus for the exchange of insights among scientists and researchers. Renowned Invited Speakers enriched the discourse with exceptional presentations, contributing to the overall depth of knowledge.

The conference also offered a stage for emerging scientists and new researchers featuring dedicated afternoon sessions and poster presentations. Congratulations to Nathália Costa, Takumi Adachi and Alan Bowman who were awarded with the Best Poster prizes in recognition of their outstanding contributions.

From nanoGe we are very grateful for the constructive feedback received, contributing to the conference’s enrichment and success. Our sincere appreciation extends to all participants, speakers, and scientific organizers whose steadfast support and commitment materialized ECAT23.

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